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If your brand is interested in partnering on this or a future Family Forward event and engaging with social media influencers and their entire families, please contact us directly at sales@momitforward.com. To learn about additional services we offer both online campaigns and offline events, please visit our website at Mom It Forward Media.


Contour cameras were among the very first in the Point of View Camera market and have since embodied the style and innovation camera owners have loved for over 10 years. Contour is proud to manufacture a camera that enables modern day explorers, sportsmen and women, adventurers, professionals, and amateurs to tell their video story of action, adventure, and travel. 


Connect with Contour:


Facebook: facebook.com/contour

Instagram: contour_cam

Twitter: @contour_cam

Web: contour.com

Utah’s dairy farm families are committed to caring for the land and protecting our natural resources to bring you fresh, nutritious dairy products. Get to know your local farmers atwww.thecowlocale.com. Healthy People, Healthy Communities, Healthy Planet.


Connect with Dairy Farmers of Utah: 


Facebook: facebook.com/DairyUTNV

Twitter: @DairyUTNV

Website: DairyCouncilUTNV.com

Great Harvest Bread Co.

Great Harvest Bread Co. is locally owned and locally operated and has been milling and baking in Taylorsville for 19 years. Every morning, they mill their own wheat from local Montana farmers. They also mix everything from scratch. Their basic bread has five simple ingredients (100% freshly milled whole wheat flour, water, honey, yeast, and salt). They are real people, making real food every day!


Connect with Great Harvest Bread Co.:


Blog: http://greatharvesttaylorsville.blogspot.com

Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Great-Harvest-Bread-Co-Taylorsville/276483446319

Instagram: Great Harvest Taylorsville

Twitter: @GreatHarvestTay

Web: GreatHarvestUtah.com/taylorsville


IKEA is a Swedish company registered in the Netherlands that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, appliances, and home accessories.


Connect with IKEA:


Hashtag: #IKEAfamily

Twitter: @IKEA_Draper 

Miracle Harvest


Miracle Harvest premium products are inspired by our commitment to quality and dedication to healthy kids. Each product is made with fresh, wholesome ingredients. With 100% of proceeds benefitingChildren’s Miracle Network Hospitals, you can eat well while doing good. Choose from six delightful options to benefit both your family and children in your community.


Connect with Miracle Harvest:


Website: miracleharvest.childrensmiraclenetworkhospitals.org/

Mom It Forward Media is a fast-growing digital agency, partnering brands with our network of social media influencers (namely mom and dad bloggers) through a variety of effective campaigns and services, both online and offline, that result in genuine, authentic, influential, and vast exposure for the brand and product.


Mom It Forward Media also has a blog, dedicated to strengthening parents as individuals, providing tips and resources for helping them raise kids with character, and giving parents ideas and opportunities to better their communities with the goal to change the world one family at a time.


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